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What is it effective for?

Aerva lanata is valued for cough in Ceylon; also as a vermifuge for children. The Meena tribes of the Sawaimadhopur district of Rajasthan gave the juice of the roots orally to patients of liver congestion, jaundice, biliousness and dyspepsia. They also give decoction of the whole plant to cure pneumonia, typhoid and other prolonged fevers

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What is Aerva lanata?

Aerva lanata (L.) A. L. Juss. ex Schultes. (Amaranthaceae) locally known as ‘bui’ is an erect or prostrate undershrub with a long tap-root and many wolly-tomentose branches, found in the wild, throughout India.


 Aerva Lanata in Detail


Alkaloids (Ervine, Methylervine, Ervoside, Aervine, Methylaervine, Aervoside, Ervolanine, And Aervolanine)
Flavanoids (Kaempferol, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin, Persinol, Persinosides A And B),
Polyphenols,Methyl Grevillate, Lupeol, Lupeol Acetate Benzoic Acid, Β-sitosteryl Acetate Terpenoids, Sterols,And Tannic Acid




Africa, India, Arabia, and the Philippines

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