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Founder Letter

My Journey

My entire family was infected with COVID-19 before the end of 2020. Since we know what occurred to other COVID-19 patients, we can expect the symptoms to worsen, and I'm terrified not only for myself, but also for my family and my future.

At the time, my partner, Mr. Sathiakumar, and I are in the process of obtaining clearance from the Malaysian Health Authority for our natural ingredient supplement rich in antioxidants based on Ayurvedic formulation. For the past five years, we had been conducting studies for the formulation.

When COVID-19 began to attack my entire family, as a medical doctor and ayurvedic practitioner, I conducted extensive studies to determine the potential of our antioxidant supplement to aid in COVID-19 combat. When 9 of our formula's constituents have scientific evidence to fight COVID-19, God shows the light at the end of the tunnel!

On day 4, I handed the formula to my entire family, and I prayed fervently to God that this miracle would protect us from the illness! After three days of consuming our formula, I began to regain my sense of smell, and my MOTHER, who is 70 years old, did not experience any serious symptoms, and we were tested negative after three days.

Recently, our formula was approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia to be legally distributed in Malaysia! To deliver you the ideal supplement, we spent years studying, sourcing, and optimizing our mix, balancing science and nature. 

Dr.Jiju Jayachandra-Founder,CS Leaflabs

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